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F.A.F is a collective project working in sculpture and installation using discarded domestic and construction materials.


Organically formed, F.A.F emerged out of a shared indifference to the financial and physical restraints placed on the creation of large scale sculptures in London. In a disused industrial site, which had been fly-tipped with construction debris, this shared sentiment first manifested itself with the creation of ‘Stephen Bhatti’s Diving Tower’.


Using the physical limitations of sites, as well as the materials contained within, F.A.F creates temporary, fantastical structures. They introduce absurd fictional sub-plots into the periphery of the city. The works exist in the realm of myth due to the in-accessibility of these locations; sightings are fleeting with glimpses being caught from places like the top deck of a bus or through the fence of a station platform. 


Between 2019-21 F.A.F developed an alternative living situation, occupying a car park in London Bridge. This saw a transition for F.A.F with their construction style being applied to functional spaces. Both this and their earlier work focuses on the repurposing of redundant materials and space, reimagining the normality of the domestic within cities. 


Alongside their personal practices, F.A.F maintain a co-operative working method that weaves individual research interests with a shared trust and desire to realise ambitious sculptural installations.

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