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'Proposition 33’ is a site based installation investigating acoustic territories in man-made environments. This is done through a soundscape of the building in situ. The installation utilises contact microphones that are strategically positioned in the building. This creates a direct live feed that amplifies and captures the functions and movements of the site. 


The wall speakers project sounds from the microphones directly into the gallery space, capturing elements from the ventilation, piping and windows. Combined, they give a quiet but rhythmic pulse that has been mainly generated through the pipes and outside interference from the vents. The floor based amplifier is connected to the floor boards at the entrance of the gallery highlighting movements in and out of the space. Sound lends itself to directing visual focus; we hear something and it directs our gaze. 


It is also the only speaker that has a connection outside of the gallery space. Connected to the lobby downstairs it captures moments of passing and movement. The immediate space and the external space become integrated/are experienced as one.


The installation is transient, varying from day to day, hour to hour, dependent on what goes on in the space and the functions of the building. In amplifying and honing in on these elements focus and attention are directed to an often overlooked sensory experience.

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